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Magna Machine Co.
Magna had its beginnings in this industry in the early 1990’s making components for ride manufacturers out of Sweden and Japan. We have continued this success manufacturing complete trains for U.S. based companies. More...


Magna Machine Co.
Chemical Processing:

Magna has built machinery for chemical processing since the early 1980’s. We expanded this industry segment in the late 1990’s performing operations for a large centrifugal O.E.M. More...


Magna Machine Co.

Energy has been a growing part of Magna’s business starting in the mid 2000’s. Ever increasing needs for wind, oil, nuclear, and solar energy will contribute to our growth in this industry. More...


Magna Machine Co.
Machine Tools:
Even though this industry segment has seen its ups and downs over the years, Magna has been able to consistently service the O.E.M.’s in the manufacturing of parts for routers, water jets, 5-axis bridge mills, and plasma burning equipment. More...


Magna Machine Co.

Due to the rapid needs for this equipment worldwide, Magna has expanded our service to those O.E.M.’s that are producing crushers, coal pulverizers, ball mills and other mining related equipment. More...


Magna Machine Co.
This industry segment is where Magna has its beginnings. Although re-manufacturing has dwindled over the years, we have had a nice resurgence of work from original equipment builders. More...


Magna Machine Co.

Magna has solutions for O.E.M.’s in the corrugated plastic pipe industry, as well as, blown film industry. Extruders, dies, mold blocks, and cooling plugs are an expertise. More...


Magna Machine Co.

Magna provides this service on the heavy turning and milling side to original equipment builders, re-builders, and roll manufacturers. More...


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